Margaret River Soup Kitchen

“The Soupie”

Souped Up Soupie 19/07/22

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for this major fundraiser for the Soupie on Tuesday July 19, 2022

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the following contributors to the upcoming Soupie fundraiser, “Souped Up Soupie”:

Ceramic artists donating bowls:

Ian Dowling

Stuart Mackay

Matt Griffiths

BIll Meikeljohn

Tova Hoffman

Simon James

Caro Bannister

Jolene Hewison

Cape Lodge

DJ Erik

Cabin Fever

Ahoy Management

Margaret River Soup Kitchen

“The Soupie”


All Welcome

Mondays and Wednesdays 5pm

$5 or donate what you can

Drug and alcohol free-venue.

No dogs please.

Excess produce from your garden can be donated at the kitchen in the main building on Monday or Wednesday mornings – thank you.


It’s a fantastic place to meet, eat and greet really… you can get a nutritIous meal for not a lot of money and have a nice evening connecting with others.

Dave Seegar

Founder, MR Soup Kitchen

2017 Soupie video by Olivier Marill

What it takes

Lots of factors come together to enable the provision of our fresh and low cost meals, including:

  • produce harvested from our own kitchen garden
  • donations from local residents with abundance in their gardens
  • donations from local supermarkets, grocers and restaurants
  • SecondBite Community Connect 
  • takings each night – suggested amount is $5/meal
  • the time donated by all the volunteers each week
Volunteers Welcome

Cooking happens earlier in the day, in the commercial kitchen in the main building at the Community Centre. Volunteers are welcome to assist with preparations and cooking – come along at 10:30am on Mondays or Wednesdays and introduce yourself to Dave or Vicky. Brace yourself for tantalising aromas as cooking begins!